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Understanding Cultures is the key to productive communication

With my passion for foreign cultures,
my many years of experience in cooperation
with partners in China, Japan, India, South America
and my concrete management experience on site in China,
I help you to work productively with other cultures,
to establish long-term business relationships,
to avoid misunderstandings
and to be successful with your business.

I build bridges between cultures
and thus become a door opener
for your intercultural cooperation.

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The confident handling of cultural differences as well as the ability to understand and interpret the background of behavior play a central role in international business.

  • Have you ever experienced that communication with foreign business partners and colleagues is much more difficult than with people from your own cultural background?

  • Does the cooperation with other cultures cost you a lot of time and energy in your everyday work and yet often does not lead to the desired result?

  • Do you work with Germans and struggle to make yourself understood to your German partners or understand their signals?

  • Do you work witch CHinese and have the impression that you do not know enough about China to understand your counterpart sufficiently?

  • Wouldn't it be great if you had the necessary tools to communicate efficiently and smoothly with Asian partners?

  • Wouldn't it be great if you and your team became a China- or Germany-expert with a crisp, condensed training?

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  • Confidence in dealing with international partners

  • Constructive handling of cultural differences

  • Recognizing, anticipating and avoiding misunderstandings and potential areas of conflict

  • Building long-term trust

  • Higher productivity and avoidance of process losses

You are able to independently analyze intercultural situations, recognize culture-related areas of conflict at an early stage and develop solutions in critical situations.

I optimize your international cooperation
so that you can concentrate
on the essentials of your business

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Productive cooperation with foreign cultures without frictional losses

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Effective cooperation through understanding of cultural characteristics


Business success in China through compact basic knowledge


Productive communication with

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In my role as a manager in China I have experienced how enriching
working with people from other cultures can be, but I have also learned about the special challenges of working in a foreign culture
and managing employees there.
I also learned how challenging my german communication style can be for other cultures

Through my trainings I want to broaden the cultural horizon of the participants, sharpen their perception for cultural differences in communication and enable them to cooperate more effectively with other cultures. This includes getting to know the specifics of your own culture as well as the specifics of the country you are working in.
as the understanding of foreign cultures.


  • Over 20 years of management experience in a global cosmetics company and working with people from different cultures

  • 3 years living & working in Central China (Wuhan)

     (Setup of an R&D center, management of employees, selection of applicants)

  • 4 years experience as a trainer for intercultural communication in an international corporation

  • University Certificate "Intercultural Competence" of the University of Jena

My strengths:

passion for intercultural communication
+ hands-on management experience in collaboration between Germany & China

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I would be happy to create a customized training program for you or your team.
Contact me today to find out how I can help you.

Danke für's Absenden!

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